Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Anxiety, IBS in Moraira... Metafit & Pilates Exercise Classes in Moraira & Javea... Personal Training & Private Group Training Moraira
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Anxiety, IBS in Moraira... Metafit & Pilates Exercise Classes in Moraira & Javea... Personal Training & Private Group Training Moraira

Lisa as a Level 3 REPs qualified instructor prides herself on showing her clients innovative and fresh ideas on training, based on the latest research in performance techniques, exercises and client saftey. There is now a substancial volume of evidence to favour shorter more intense full body workouts, over the more traditional steady state, long duration sessions. The result of such training has shown to greatly improve fitness levels, fat loss and bring about health benefits from such training techniques. 


Lisa specialises in using minimal equipment, using challenging bodyweight exercises and engaging effective cardio techniques. By doing so, she is able to offer her clients a wide range of training programs suitable for all budgets and time constraints. 


Many of her clients have experienced the benefits to her unique training sessions, showing that it is possible to achieve quick results, in a short period of time, which last and do not cost the earth. Specialist training should be available to all who want it! and not just something for an elite few to enjoy and benefit from. Lisa and Blanca Fit's goal is to ensure everyone can learn, enjoy and benefit from having fully qualified professional support for the long term!

We are always more than happy to come and meet in person or chat over the phone to discuss your training requirements before you commit to booking any sessions with us. It is important that we understand what you aim to achieve in order to compile an appropriate program that will meet your expectations.