Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Anxiety, IBS in Moraira... Metafit & Pilates Exercise Classes in Moraira & Javea... Personal Training & Private Group Training Moraira
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Anxiety, IBS in Moraira... Metafit & Pilates Exercise Classes in Moraira & Javea... Personal Training & Private Group Training Moraira

Power & Conditioning Sessions

This class is where the trainers get to have some fun! They design their own session to challenge all elements of core strength and fitness.

During a session you will perform a short warm up and then perhaps work on technique for a specific exercise for another 5 or so minutes. Then you will undertake the main section of the class, which could include the use of Kettle bells, Power bags, Box Jumps, Hurdles, Tyres, or you may find yourself working in a team or pair. So many ideas, so many options, you won't know what's coming until you get there! 

The promise is that you will have lots of fun, whilst working hard and getting fit!