Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Anxiety, IBS in Moraira... Metafit & Pilates Exercise Classes in Moraira & Javea... Personal Training & Private Group Training Moraira
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Anxiety, IBS in Moraira... Metafit & Pilates Exercise Classes in Moraira & Javea... Personal Training & Private Group Training Moraira

Pilates with Lisa

Lisa has been teaching Pilates for around 9 years now, originally in the UK and more recently at The Gym Moraira, and fron Jan 2016, Casa Aless Yoga, Fitness & Therapy Centre.


Pilates can vary from teacher to teacher as each has their own personality and focuses within their classes.


In her group sessions, Lisa chooses to offer multi ability classes with alternative options to regress and progress exercises relevant to each individual. If asked, she would say that she likes exercises to ´flow´ from one to the next smoothly, whilst still incorporating some challenging movements for those who need them.


Group classes are relaxed and people are welcome to drop in as and when they can. No need to pay for a minimum number of classes in advance. 


She is able to assist with rehabilitation of injuries or with mobility issues either as part of a group class or as a private session. She will work with you and any medical advise you have been given to encourage your body to heal and strengthen in the best and most efficient way, allowing you to enjoy life with more freedom of movement and ease.

Private Pilates Sessions

In addition to group classes at the Casa Alessa, Moraira, Lisa also offers private Pilates sessions for up to 5 people at your home or place of work. This can be a great way to experience a more personalized approach to Pilates and can be particularly good if you are a beginner, or have specific injuires you are recovering from. You will obviously receive greater attention and focus and the sessions will be specifically designed around your needs.


You may also like a priavte group session if you and a few friends would like to attend a Pilates class but are unable to make the ones on the timetable at Casa Alessa.


In order to take advantage of a private Pilates session, you will only need a small area of terrace, living room or naya, and if you don´t have mats, Lisa can bring those with her too. 


Group Classes at Casa Alessa are 8 euros for a drop in,  or 6,66 euros with the Casa Alessa Loyalty Card.


Private session of up to 3 people are 35 euros/hr

Private sessions of up to 4 people 40 euros/hr

Private sessions of up to 5 people 45 euros/hr